Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Royce I-600B CB Restoration

This is a Royce I-600B CB that was in a tub of junk radios. My dad had one of these in one of his service trucks back in the 70's, so I couldn't help be try to revive this one from the dead. it was pretty nasty, and had a variety of problems... no RF output, poor receive sensitivity, no power cord, and a microphone that was questionable at best. 

After a bit of poking around, I discovered the final RF amp to be blown. A suitable replacement was found among other junkers in the tub, and the transmitter was back online. After a full alignment, receive sensitivity was up to .15uV for 10db, not shabby for a 40+ year old AM CB radio. The mic actually worked, despite it looking so grungy! A good bit of scrubbing, and the radio didn't look too bad. It brought back fond memories of working with dad during my early teens. Here's a few pics of the "restoration"...

 Out with the old bad part...

In with the old good part :-)

 Man, that was one dirty microphone!