Friday, August 1, 2014

Grandson of local ham needs help!

A good friend and local ham, Ken Dimaio KF4GOQ, had a grandson born premie, during a family emergency. A horrible story, so sad. Little Paulie's mom had just lost her brother and the stress was more than she could endure..

From Ken:  "Requesting assisted funding for my son and his wife for their newborn premie baby boy. Little Paul was born 8 weeks early under duress circumstances as the baby's mother's brother had just passed, and was being buried the same day as the unexpected birth. Little Paul is stable but as with all premies the future is unknown. Please help, as their medical bills will undoubtedly be stagering with a 6-8 week stay in NICU. Insurance will not cover it all. Thank you all so very, very much."

Their family needs help. Anything you can do is most appreciated by them. Please help with anything if you can, and share.The link to the funding site is:

Ken can also accept donations on behalf of Paulie to his QRZ address of KF4GOQ, in the event someone wants to donate in that way. 

You can also reach Ken via email at: