Sunday, March 27, 2011

CQ SSB WPX Contest...

Wow...the CQ WPX contest brought out loads of great contacts on the HF bands. I've been working 10m a bit this afternoon, and making contacts all over the South Pacific, and a few out into the Atlantic. Band conditions on 10 are great. Worked EB8AH, AH7NA, KH2L, ZL1AAO, VK3NW, ZL3IO, VK4KW, VK4WIP, VN4NM, VK4EMM, and VK1CC for examples. It's great to see these improved openings on 10m, and the contests really bring out the ops to make these contacts possible.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

6m SSB Net - 50.200 from FM06

Don't forget the NC 6m SSB net this and every Saturday morning on 50.200. Based in FM06, Eddie KD4CPV calls in all directions with his huge yagi antenna. In operation for many years, a nice size group of folks always check in for this net.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

ARRL Int'l DX Contest, SSB. 10 is open!

Working the ARRL Inter. SSB DX Contest this morning, and 10m is WIDE OPEN! Just worked into Namibia, Africa on 28.417! Loads of stations active this morning (Saturday, 3/5). Check out more info on it at: . See you on the bands!

...adding a bit more after the contest finished on 3/6. I found Zambia, Canary Is, Madeira Is, Saudi Arabia, Sardinia, Nigeria, Namibia and more between 28.500-28.600!
The contest was a great way to spend the day inside, especially with the rain and such going on. Other than a bit of rain noise, the band conditions were nice. I worked 10m only, logged 156 contacts, 47 countries, and made 21996 points in the contest. I had a blast, and was my first long sit-down with a contest since 1994!