Friday, August 12, 2022

New Bluetooth Receiver for the Gazebo

 We enjoy our Gazebo on the back deck. We've had it installed since around 2012. It has lighting, a ceiling fan, and a bluetooth receiver with speakers in each vertical support pole. This year, it stopped working. After a bit of investigation, I found the receiver board was destroyed from water contamination. A little searching on the web and I found a small bluetooth receiver with a built-in 5w amp for $6 (!!). I ordered that, and spliced it into the original speaker wiring. It required 5vdc, so I hacked in an old cell phone charger with 1a output at 5vdc, put it all in a plastic ziploc bag, and stuffed it into the post with the bag's zipper facing down to keep water out. She works like new, and this was a cheap fix! Here's a few photos...

Monday, August 1, 2022

Cabinet Re-Build for Studio A, FINISHED!

Yay!! The cabinet build is finished for Studio A. I actually finished this some time back, but forgot to upload all of the build photos and info. Click "Cabinet" in the RH column of my blog sections called "Jump to Posts on Specific Topics" to see the whole build. This whole thing was done for less than $30!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

My DR-610, back on the bench...

My Alinco DR-610 went deaf on vhf. It's been mobile in my truck for many years, but time for a littler attention. I found a leaky cap ate a trace on the board that supplied vco controlled voltage to the varactor tuned front end. New cap, patched trace, and she's back on the air :-) Here's a few pics to show what I found...

She's repaired and back in service. I love these old rigs!

Friday, January 28, 2022

Repairing a Johnson Commercial Speaker

I repaired this speaker for a friend. This was not in bad shape, just need a couple of things. I repaired the enclosure where a chunk of the material had been broken out. I disassembled and cleaned it, and installed a new speaker lead with a connector to match his rig. It turned out pretty good and sounds great. The old commercial speakers are built to last!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Eico Model 950B Capacitor Tester

 I picked this magic eye cap tester up somewhere in the last year or two, and decided to restore it. I have a soft spot for these old magic eye tube testers, and they usually work pretty good. I replaced all the caps, tested the tubes, measured and replaced all resistors in need, and cleaned all of the pots and switches. It came to life nicely, and was very accurate. These all for electrolytic caps to be tested under voltage, so they're great for finding leaky caps. Here's a few photos and a video...