Sunday, August 25, 2013

HD-73 rotor or motor needed...

On the morning of 8/24/13, the motor in my Alliance HD-73 antenna rotator failed. A few tests found the motor windings to be shorted to the housing. It's been a great antenna rotor, providing 20 years of service though hurricanes, ice, rain, etc. It even survived a lightning strike back in '98! Since my rotor mount base plate is drilled for this unit, my thrust bearing is pinned for the height of the housing, etc, I'd rather repair this unit than have to refit everything for a rotor of a different manufacture or model.

If anyone has a junked HD-73 rotor with bad gears, bad feedback pot, cracked housing, etc, I'd love to buy this from you. I'm only looking for a motor. Otherwise, if you have a complete HD-73 rotator unit for sale, I'd like to speak with you as well. Please email me at with your info. Thanks!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random bits from WB4IUY

Been pretty busy since Field Day, but here's a few highlights from the station at WB4IUY:

- 4 July: Managed to make contact with OJ0V on Market reef before having to pull the plug and head to work. Big pileup!

- 7 July: Just worked K0KP in EN36 (near Deluth Mn) on 50.125 6 meters. He's banging in 59++ . He's now on 50.150.

- 19 july: Openings on 6m this morning from 6-6:30am in FM05. Heard CT1HZE in Portugal IM57 for a short period.

- 23 July: Worked EA9KB in Ceuta & Melilla on 20m w/100W.

- 3 Aug: 6m in great shape in FM05, strong sigs coming in from FN54 (Maine) on 50.125. DX 50.125 VE9WGD FN57 <-> FM05 Big signal in NC! DX 50078.1 WA4FC/B FM17 -> FM05 5/5 at my QTH DX de WB4IUY: 50125.0 VE1CHU FN85 <-> FM05

- 4  Aug: I'm listening on 446.0 and 223.5 FM simplex when in the shack and glad to make a contact if you need FM05 in the ARRL UHF test de WB4IUY. Repaired the wind speed & direction indicator for my weather station. Streaming to the net at:

- 10 Aug: Just uploaded 165 QSL cards to my website viewer a: