Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Craig 4201 23 Channel CB Base Station

This is a Craig 4201 23 Channel CB Base Station that a friend found on eBay, and purchased it for another friend as a gift. He brought it to me for a quick checkup before delivering it, but when we opened the box, it was broken and bent. Considering it was a fine specimen from around 1977, I decided to see if I could straighten and repair it. The main PCB was cracked, the channel selector had been smacked around, the bottom was bent, the faceplate was cracked, side panel banged in, and more. 

I couldn't help first I got it working electrically. I found 2 of the synthesizer crystals to be bad... so I found a couple online, got and installed them, and padded back on frequency. The PCB crack was repaired, and a full alignment and tx tuneup was in order. Once it was running, I started repairing the cosmetic issues. In the end, it turned out pretty darn good and another piece of radio history from the '70's lives again :-) Here's a few pics...

Here's a little video of the completed radio, receiving signals off the air... It sounds good, and was taken to it's final home. The person he gifted this to is now a ham radio operator, but this was the same exact model of the first CB radio he ever had.