Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cobra 21LTD Classic

I'm a sucker for old CB radios. This one isn't sooo old, probably around 25 years or so, but it was pretty rough. It was in a box of junk radios. I didn't take before pics, but I should have. The S-meter was broken, it had been connected to a DC source via reverse polarity, was missing the microphone, had a couple of "noise toys" installed that were causing all sorts of problems, and practically everything that could be turned inside, had been turned. All the pots were dirty, the ribbon cable for the channel selector indicator had a bad solder joint, etc. 

So, I removed all the aftermarket junk, replaced the S-Meter, replaced the bad lamps, repaired the damage from being connected to 12vdc backwards, fabricated a power cord for it, cleaned all the pots, found a mic and wired it up, gave it a complete alignment and a few extra tweaks. Wow, there was a real radio in among all that :-) The little red push button isn't connected, I left it in to plug the hole int he face of the radio. I scrounged around for a mounting bracket and mounting hardware, gave it a bath, and here it is...