Monday, February 10, 2014

President Dwight D

Having fun digging out some of the barn finds and such from the junk pile in my attic. I picked up a President Dwight D CB base station sometime in the early 80's, don't remember when exactly. Got in a deal with some other radios and it had a few problems, mostly screwdriver related. Tossed it on the 'to do' pile, and never did it. It's been in the attic of our home since we bought it and moved in back in '93. Repaired the squelch circuit, cleaned all the controls, aligned the receiver, cranked up the audio a bit and tuned the transmitter. Clock is bad, and from what I hear, that's not uncommon. Wired one of my Turner +2 desk mics to it, and it plays good. After a lot of scrubbing and cleaning, I found a there was a pretty nice looking rig in there. It's just a 40 channel AM rig, but still a nice CB radio from 'back in the day'!