Thursday, August 5, 2021

Repairing a 10 meter monobander...

This is a President Lincoln 10 meter all-mode radio. These are often found on the CB band, but these are great little 10 meter rigs. The Uniden HR2510 is basically the same radio, but is only SSB & CW. This rig had a few problems, the first being it didn't work...there was noise from the speaker, and that was it. Turns out, the processor wasn't running on startup, and would take 3 to 5 minutes to start after power up.

This is a video of the initial checkout...

This is the processor board. The leaky caps are just above the top RH edge of the long processor chip that's close to my hand.

This is the bottom of the processor board. I've removed the bad caps and am prepping the board to install replacements.

A closeup of the processor board where the bad caps were removed. I also replaced the .1@50v electrolytic near the edge of the board, above my finger.

This video explains the issues with the processor and what was done to repair it...

This video shows the issues with the transmitter, and what was done to repair it.

This video shows the final cleanup and operation. These are great little rigs, and are also a nice rig for portable CW/SSB operation. They're very stable, and will work FT8 with no problems. AM is always a blast up on 29.000-29.100, and FM simplex is fun on 29.600.