Sunday, July 23, 2017

Torque Arms & Mount Corrected, 7/20/17

Thanks to the keen eye of David Robbins K1TTT, I now have my torque arm system properly installed and ready for service. Over the last 40+ years, I've climbed a lot of towers, mostly ham stuff with a little commercial work sprinkled in here and there. I've climbed towers with torque bars installed, but never gave them a second look as to how they were long as everything was solid and secure.

My dad recently gave me a torque arm assembly to install at the top of my Rohn 25 tower. He had it for some years, and never used it, so I was surprised when he pulled it from under a workbench up at the lake house. He handed it to me, and I said "heck yeah!". I had noticed my tower twisting a little in high winds and when the rotator would stop & lock, but no problems over the 23 years it was in service.

I was working on the top section for my tower, in the home workshop, so I  promptly got this thing bolted on and ready to go. It's an older version, and I couldn't find any info for it online. When I uploaded a few pics, it caught the eye of David Robbins K1TTT, who walked me through the proper installation. Here it is in a couple of pics, properly installed. They should already be above the horizontal braces, and the little "hump" in each are should allow clearance for the diagonal cross braces. Now, time to get this up on the tower and start stacking antennas!!