Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More tower work, 7/18/17

Well, this is sorta tower work... I decided to get some of the bugs worked out of my top tower section, before hauling it all up to the 100' point. The previous blog described the issues with the thrust bearing, rotator shelf, and mast position. With all of that out of the way, I moved on to a setup and dry run prior to installation...

I installed the rotator and got it in position, slipped the mast into the thrust bearing, set the height of the mast, installed a mechanical stop on the mast so the thrust bearing would support the weight of the antennas (instead of the weight bearing down on the rotator), and installed a new set of torque arms  my dad gave me. I also have a new upper skirt my dad made, to shed the water from the thrust bearing, once installed. Here's a few pics...

Rotator connected to the controller, and a few test runs made to make sure it turns without any binding. All is well, and ready for action!

 Rotator alignment completed, with no issues in rotation. I can't wait to get this beast up on the tower!

Mast centered in the thrust bearing. The thrust bearing is now pumped full of fresh grease, and turning smoothly. Dad fabricated a new skirt for a water shed to install here...

 The mast sits about 1" off of the rotator housing, so as to not present any vertical load. 

 Dad gave me a set of torque arms he had stashed away for Rohn 25! Yes! This thing has always twisted when I would start or stop the rotation of the stack, this should solve that problem!

 Torque arms installed and ready for connection to the guy wires!

Can't wait to get this hoisted upon the tower to the top, and get my guy cables connected!!