Sunday, September 1, 2013

eQSL Saved My Log!

eQSL saved me tonight. My logbook crashed (my fault) and I was able to download a current copy of my log from eQSL for recovery. I upload to eQSL every time I make a log entry, so it was current, right up to my last contact. There's a button for this in AC Log, and the eQSL upload is almost instantaneous. The other online logs I use aren't quite as quick to upload to, or aren't offered as a quick upload feature in my log, so I only upload to LOTW, QRZ, CQFriends, Clublog, QRZCQ, and SK6AW every week or two.

When my logbook crashed I initially panicked because I had not made a backup of my log recently. After a few minutes of pondering the situation, I remembered that my eQSL upload should be up to date and contain all the info I needed. I downloaded the .adif file, imported it into my logbook, and all was recovered. Thank you eQSL!

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