Friday, December 2, 2011

10m RTTY Contest this weekend!

With 10 meters being very active recently, I expect the 10m RTTY contest to be a lot of fun this weekend. I work RTTY on 10m with an old Hal Telereader most of the time, just because it's old, vintage and one of the true "oldie-but-goodies". If you want a real stand-alone interface with it's own built-in display, this is one to watch out for at swap meets. It works CW as well, and does a great job at both without the use of a computer. You can see a pic of it here:

I also use my computer and Ham Radio Deluxe. While it does a great job at RTTY, it still does not copy a cleanly as the old Hal Telereader CWR-6850 manufactured around 1983.

No matter how you get on RTTY, it's an old school but FUN mode. Being 100% duty cycle, you have to be careful with your rig and amp so you don't damage anything. The contest is this weekend, and has a 100w limit. I'd recommend that you run your amp if you have one, turn the rig down to drive the amp to only 100w, and everything will be nice and cool for the contest.

Go HERE for more info on the contest, and I hope to see you on the air!