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I've been in Amateur Radio since 1974, and still find new and interesting things to do. I like to build, restore, and operate on the air. This is a blog of various info about my Ham Radio operations and activities, projects, and opinions. Visit www.WB4IUY.net for the lowdown at WB4IUY.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dave's Hamfest!

Like many of you, I tend to collect things that I don't use. Being a builder, I also seem to collect lost of gear and parts that I never use. I've recently gotten the itch for a Flex radio, so I decided the best way to do this painlessly was to 'thin out' some of my excess radio goodies.

So, I've been cleaning out the workshop, utility room, garage, & attic a bit, and selling off the excess radio stuff to build my 'Flex Fund'. There's way too much to list here, but I put it on my website so I could easily update it as it clears out. Check out my load of hamfest stuff on my Dave's Hamfest Page at http://www.ipass.net/hockaday/ .