Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Packet Radio Still Rocks!

On 6/1, I was enjoying working some DX on a Sunday afternoon, when a storm came up. I disconnected everything and shut down. The AC power, cable, and even the local cell phone tower was knocked out.

We have a 'whole house' generator, so I switched over to the it and got the house back up and running, A/C and all. The storm passed, but power didn't come back on. I reconnected my antennas, changed my dx spotting from telnet to TNC, and reconnected to the cluster via packet radio.

Here's a pics of the logging program being switched to TNC mode in the DX Cluster interface and connecting to the packet radio DX Cluster...and the spots were flowing again! Even with the power out and no internet at home, I was DXing and posting spots. The outage even took out my cell phone here, but my old technology still works great!

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