Saturday, June 8, 2013

ARRL VHF Contest Needs Ops!!

The ARRL VHF Contest runs from June 8th @ 18:00z (2pm est) until June 10th @ 2:59z (11pm est) on all bands, 6m and up. I plan to be on 6m ssb, 2m ssb, 146.52 fm simplex, 223.5 fm simplex, and 446.0 fm simplex. The last few VHF contests I've worked have been pretty sad, between poor propagation and not nearly as many folks working the event as in previous years.

If you don't have SSB or a home station, get on from your mobile or HT on fm simplex and call CQ. Even if you're not really working the contest, others who are can surely use your contacts! If you have a home FM station, do the same, you'll be surprised what you might hear or work. The ham radio club I'm in, TEARA, did this back in 1994 and took first place in the Roanoke division working mostly FM simplex!! I'll be scanning 146.52 as primary, and then 146.43, 146.46, 146.49, 146.55, and 146.58 on 2m fm. I'll be listening to 223.50 simplex on 1.25m, and 446.0 on 70cm.

If you're able to work mobile, contesters love picking up those ROVER stations. You can do this easily from your mobile, and if you're going to be covering a large area, you'll be able to work people from multiple grid squares.

All of the info can be found on the ARRL website at this link:

73 & I hope to hear you on the bands!
Dave WB4IUY FM05