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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September VHF QSO Party

Get your VHF/UHF gear up and on the air this weekend! The cotest begins 1800 UTC Saturday and ends 0300 UTC Monday (September 11-13, 2010). I'm operating on 6m SSB, 2m SSB, 223.5 FM simplex, and 446.0 FM simplex.

Not lots of activity in my area at the moment, but I've worked out about 3 grid squares away (around NC & VA), and heard a station up in FN21 in NY a few minutes ago.

Check out http://www.arrl.org/september-vhf-qso-party for more details, and I hope to see you on the bands!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

2M SSB wide open this morning!

Just a 'heads up'... With hurricane Earl coming up the coast, along with it comes serious VHF/UHF tropo propogation. I just worked EL98 (Apopka, FL) from FM 05 (Youngsville NC) with 50w on 2m SSB. 59 sigs, easy contact. I don't have 432 SSB, but N4TUT in EL98 reports 432 sigs from Charlotte NC booming into his area as well. Get on the air!!