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Saturday, January 28, 2017

160 Meter CW Contest this weekend 1/28/17

Wow, I love this contest. I'm not a really serious contester, I almost never turn in my scores. I enjoy contesting, just the same. It's a great opportunity to pick up new states and countries needed on a certain band or mode, test new antennas and equipment, etc. This contest is very simple, and the rules can be found here:


When I hear folks say things like "CW is Dead", I can't help but be amused. Here's a couple of pics from the lower 25khz of the band, on the band scope of my Icom IC-756...

I worked a couple of hours this morning before work, and made a BUNCH of contacts all over the USA and Canada on my new 160 meter "low-pole", low altitude zig-zag dipole. I put this temporary antenna up to keep me on 160 over the winter, while working on my tower rebuild. It's only about 65' up, in a sort-of inverted-V configuration, with the last 30' of each side about 6' up and "zig-zagged" from tree to tree in the woods to get the full length in. I've worked into Europe, Africa, South America, and all over North America with this silly set up.

Anyway, I hope to work you on 160 this weekend. I can hardly wait to get back home from work and get back on!

73 de WB4IUY