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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Need 2m ops for the ARRL VHF Contest!

Propogation is good on 2 meters for the ARRL VHF Contest, but we need more stations on the air! I just worked a guy who was in the parking lot at Ft. Fisher, NC. I've made contacts on 2 meters with 50 watts to: SC, all over NC, Va, Pa, & De. Most all had good signals, and everyone reported "slim pickins" on 2m SSB and CW due to the lack of participation. Lots of folks are on 6m SSB for the contest. C'mon hams, if you have a 2m SSB station, get it on the air for a while. The ops on that band need your contacts.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Field Day Near You!!

Upcoming Ham Radio Field Day operations are June 28–29, 2014. The following locator might help if you 're a ham and looking for a local Field Day site to participate at, or if you're not a ham radio operator and are interested in ham radio. Find a site near you and check it out! Here's the link to the Field Day Locator:


Want to know more about Field Day? The ARRL has put together a little .pdf file about it, and you can find it here: